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We are the church that's "forging ahead to save many souls."  We are concerned about the total man—body, soul, and spirit.  You are welcome to come, be healed, be delivered, and be set free.  God is your hope!

We're here to serve!

Paul Ruffin, Ph.D., D.Min.
Senior Pastor
Vetrea Slack Ruffin
First Lady/Evangelist/Minister of Music

Ministerial/Support Staff

Missionary Ruby Belcher
Assistant Sunday School Superintendent
YWCC/Purity President
Lacretia Conaway
Pastor's Secretary
Sunshine Band President
Deacon Timothy McCray
Angel Ruffin
Hospitality Assistant
Deacon Anthony Snedecor
Mother Inetta Coleman
Former 1st Lady
Deacon Theodore Davenport
Sunday School Superintendent Emeritus
Evangelist Shirley Mouton
Women's Department President
CWC/Nurses Unit President
Larry Sconiers
Evangelist Kimberly Snedecor
Assistant Finance Secretary
Elder Kellen Conaway, Sr.
Chair, Trustee Board
Youth Department President
Sunday School Superintendent
Cynthia McCray
Director, Dr. Paul Ruffin Tutorial Academy
Finance Secretary/Kitchen Manager
Mother Pearl Porter
Church Mother
Albertha Smith
Assistant Finance Secretary
Usher Board President
Alissa Thompson
Hospitality Vice-President

Ministerial/Support Staff Not Pictured

Leticia Dynes, Hospitality President
Mother Nora Huffman, Missions Vice President
Deacon Richard McCray, Deacon/Mission President
Anthony Mouton, Men's Department President
David Turner, Grounds Keeper
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