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Biblical Studies

Special Training in the Word - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays


Our Special Training sessions are taught by our pastor, Dr. Ruffin. These classes are indepth studies on Books of the Bible such as Revelations, Daniel, Romans, Genesis, Biblical Science, and much more. These studies have been extremely informative and vital to the growth and indepth knowledge of God's people, both young, old and in between.

Bible Band - 2nd Wednesdays


Prayer and Bible Band lessons are held every second Wednesday of the month. These lessons are taught directly from the International Church of God in Christ Bible Band topics. The purpose of Prayer and Bible Band is to equip attendees to know their Bibles and help each one to lead others into righteous living. But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

YPWW - 4th Wednesday


YPWW (Young People Willing Workers) lessons are held every fourth Wednesday of the month. These lessons are taught directly from the International Church of God in Christ YPWW topics. The mission and purpose of the YPWW is to be an encouragement to the youth of the church, to prepare them to have a relationship with Christ, to teach them to live boldly for Christ with courage, to give them a platform where they may share God's love and proclaim His wonderful works.


Sunday School - Every Sunday


“A Child Saved, a Soul Saved, Plus a Life.”


Our Sunday School is second to none. Our church has a saying, "If you know the Bible, the Sunday School needs you.  If you don't know the Bible, you need the Sunday School." We are dedicated to enlighten adults and train children on how to live Godly lives in this present world in preparation for the world to come. We will serve as a life-giving, information agency of our church, which communicates the Gospel to children, youth, and adults through the teaching process. The 3-fold purpose of the Sunday School is to provide:
1) Information, 2) Instruction, and 3) Inspiration. Presently, our Sunday School setting consists of the following:


  • Primary Kids (2 to 10)

  • Junior High (11 to 15)

  • Senior High (15 to 17)

  • Young Ladies (18 to 39)

  • Young Men (18 to 39)

  • Adult Women (40 and up)

  • Adult Men (40 and up)

Mother D. Brown


"I love the Bible Study because it is explained in ways you can learn and understand."

S. Body


"Our class on the Book of Daniel is enlightening and very informative.

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