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Our Church


In the early 1950s, a missionary by the name of Elmore Smith visited various neighborhoods seeking souls to be saved.  While on this mission, many souls were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  During this time, he met Clinton Forge.  Together, they conducted evangelistic revivals under a large tent.  Many people attended these revivals; and, thus, many were saved.


Later, Elder Clinton Forge, with his wife, Maldoshia, had a vision to build a church in the Acipco area. He built the church with his own hands, and the church was named, "Acipco Church of God in Christ."  Elder Forge later changed the name to "Elshaddai Church of God in Christ."  The church burned on March 15, 1983. After having pastored for over 30 years, Elder Forge became very ill and passed away on March 31, 1983.

In 1984, Elder Isaac Coleman became pastor and rebuilt the church.  Elder Coleman served faithfully, with his wife Mother Inetta Coleman, until he passed away in 1988. (Mother Inetta Coleman yet remains a faithful member.)


Elder Calvin B. Lofton became pastor after the death of Elder Coleman in 1988. Elder Lofton, then changed the name of the church to Forge Temple Church of God in Christ in honor of Elder Clinton Forge. Elder Lofton was a good pastor and he worked untiringly for the church. Elder Lofton pastored two churches at this time. After 14 years at both churches, he, along with his wife Sister Linda Lofton, were led to leave Forge Temple and become full-time pastor at his family church, McAdory Temple Church of God in Christ.


In 2002, Elder and Sister Ronald (Kimberly) Webb were appointed pastor and wife of the Forge Temple congregation.  Elder Webb chose our motto, “The Church That’s Forging Ahead to Save One Soul at a Time.”  Elder Webb accepted a job in Nashville, TN that made it difficult to serve as pastor of Forge Temple.  He resigned in January 2005.  However, he decided to commute from Nashville on 1st and 3rd Sunday’s until Bishop Meadows could secure a pastor for Forge Temple.


On August 17, 2005, Bishop O. L. Meadows appointed Elder Dr. Paul B. Ruffin pastor of the legendary Forge Temple.  Dr. Ruffin and his wife, Vetrea, are committed to serving at Forge Temple in obedience to God.  They continue to consecrate themselves and prepare the congregation for the harvesting of souls in the community, city, and nation.


Dr. Ruffin is determined to preach the Gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ and the Acceptable Year of the Lord.  The church has grown physically and spiritually under his shepherding.  God is saving the lost, bringing those who are in darkness to the light, healing the brokenhearted, delivering the captives, giving sight to the spiritually blind, setting at liberty them that are bruised, reclaiming backslidden children, and filling and refilling believers with the Holy Ghost.  During this current year, more than one-third of the congregation received a new job or a promotion.




  • In 2007, a Radio Ministry was established on WAGG 610 AM.

  • In 2009, a parcel of land was purchased and cleared off in preparation for construction of a new sanctuary.

  • The number of Sunday School classes has increased from 1 class to 6.

  • The Men, Women, Youth, and Evangelism Departments were officially organized.

  • During the past several years, a number of young people were filled/baptized in the Holy Ghost.

  • Church membership has increased moderately each year.

  • One Deacon was ordained one Junior Deacon was appointed.

  • Four Choirs were organized (Sanctuary Choir, Women of Worship, Male Chorus, and Youth Choir).

  • Breakfast is served each Sunday to boost Sunday School attendance.

  • 3 Women were trained and recommended for Deaconess Missionary Licenses.

  • 2 Women were trained and recommended for Evangelist Missionary Licenses.

  • The Music Department’s Sanctuary Choir produced it’s first CD.

  • An architectural model of our future church edifice was produced.

  • In 2013-2014, studies were conducted in the books of Revelation and Daniel (>40 attendees).

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