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Women's Ministry


The Women’s Ministry consists of the Christian Women’s Council (CWC), the Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC), Nurses Unit, Hospitality, Prayer and Bible Band Ministries and Usher Board.  They are described as stated below:


  • The Christian Women’s Council consists of women 40 and above. This is a godly forum whereby members are given the necessary training, instruction, encouragement, as well as the natural and spiritual support by which each is inspired to meet God’s stand of Holiness. It is that forum where women are challenged to strive for excellence with Godliness, where all are taught the importance of integrity in word and deed in every area of their lives. This group meets on the Saturday before the second Sunday.


  • Young Women’s Christian Council consists of young women ages 18 to 39 (married or single) whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves to greater Christian Service. Women in this stage of life have many issues and the YWCC can reach out to them with compassion. In addition to spiritual growth and development, this organization addresses the concerns of young women which include finding a mate, home building, decorating, meal planning, parenting, child care and development, understanding teenagers, marital concerns, and etc.  The YWCC explores the Christian approach to these and other life issues. The YWCC uniform is Deep Purple dress with a White Orchid pinned to the left shoulder.


  • Nurses Unit consists of trained nurses who are licensed to give medical assistance to those who need it. These persons are available to serve at meetings, funerals, and services. Each year, the Nurses Unit offers a Health Fair to accommodate the needs of the surrounding community.


  • Hospitality Unit assists the needs of the pastor and the church at large by providing hospitality support during all services.  The Hospitality Unit welcomes and greets guests and visitors to the church.


  • Usher Board serves as the "doorkeepers" for the church. This is indeed a ministry.  Ushers are usually the first people that members and guests see when entering into the sanctuary.  Our ushers are friendly and eager to serve.



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