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Youth Ministries


Our Youth Ministry is a fast growing ministry that embraces
youth and the young at heart. Through this ministry, youth from

all walks of life become motivated and equipped to develop

Christian values.


                                                  Our goal is to bring young people together where youth can

                                                  acquire a life of faith, action, and fellowship. Our youth ministry

                                                  endeavors to address the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of

                                                  all youth. We want to create a safe and nurturing environment for

                                                  young people to share their joys and concerns with caring adults.



With everything we do, we strive to help youth and adults to build

meaningful relationships with each other and with God. This

ministry encourages youth to be engaged in worship services and

other pertinent activies regarding the church. Through worship and

conversation we explore our faith and equip youth with what it

takesto live a Christ-filled life.






The Youth Ministry organizes many events and activities where the youth may participate.  Some of these activities are: College Day, Youth Revivals, monthly youth day programs (every 4th Sunday at 11:00 AM); periodic youth outings and much more. Each year, the Youth Ministry partners with the Evangelism and Missions ministries to do a community praise extravaganza which includes activities for the youth and adults.













Our desire is that everyone, who is a part of this ministry,

might encounter Christ so that all of us may grow in

fellowship together and in discipleship to God.

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